Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How do you change/get rid of the default "name" field in Dynamics 2011!

There are many situations where the default "Name" field is not applicable to an entity. A couple of examples to explain what I mean:

An order doesn't have a name as such, but an ID. What we can do in this instance is change the name of the default field rather than keep the default "pfx_name". A more appropriate name might be "pfx_OrderId" or maybe "pfx_OrderRef". You do this when creating the entity on this screen:

Using the Primary Field tab we can decide exactly what the name of the field is and other things such as business requirement and length etc.

Order Detail
This is an even more interesting one. For Order Detail we don't really have primary field whatsoever. We have a few options as to what we may consider the primary field:
  1. It's probably a combination of Order ID/Ref and the Order Line Number?
  2. Maybe it's the Product Name we're ordering?

Either way, it's not a text field. So what are our options? Initially from a look at the above screen for editing the Primary Field properties we get some false hope... it looks like you can change the Type of field this is! Unfortunately we only have 1 option in the dropdown: Single Line of Text.

So, the only real option is remove it from the form. If you've ever tried this before you'll know that it's not as straight forward as a custom field because it's locked on the form. How do we do it:
  1. Change the business requirement to "Not Required"
  2. Open up the Main form
  3. Open up the properties of the field
  4. Turn off the "Visible by Default" flag

This has a few further implications. Firstly, any lookups to the Order Line will have blank lookup fields on the form. For example maybe we had a "Guarantee" entity that needed to reference an Order Detail record. On the Guarantee form this lookup will look like it's empty. There are a couple of ways around this, but my personal preference is to add some Javascript to the Order Detail form so that it populates the hidden name field on save with data from another field - E.g. the Product name.

Other implication is some view cleaning up to be done. If you open up the views you will see they will all display this name by default. All of these will have to be customized to allow for this.

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