Monday, 13 February 2012

MS CRM Dynamics - Q2 Release

Many of you might be aware of some major updates coming with the Q2 release of Dynamics (see here for a preview of the release). The major part that was originally of interest to me was multi browser support, but the preview has given me a few other surprises!

1. Business Intelligence / Power View.

Power View is a new reporting services Add-in for SharePoint that came with the release of SQL Server 2012. I believe this is the first stepping stone towards far more powerful reporting within dynamics. Looking forward to playing with this to see what exactly we can do with it.

Only Gotcha is that this is only available on-premise with the Q2 release. Fingers crossed for Q3!

2. Custom Workflow Activities on the Cloud!!

Finally! This one is a big one for me. No more thoughts of plugins and custom entities to handle "special" workflow code. I'm not sure why they weren't selling this one more (or maybe I had my head in the sand for a while!), but this is one I've been looking forward to for a while.

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