Tuesday, 21 January 2014

CRM 2013 - Where has my advanced find gone?!?

One of my biggest bugbears of CRM 2013 is the disappearance of advanced find! From what I can fathom CRM now only shows the advanced find button on certain views or on dashboards. So my tip of the day is how to find it.

If you're currently on one of the other pages that does not have the advanced find button, for example it doesn't seem to exist on List of Competitors, Business Management, or in fact most settings pages, then the quickest way to launch advanced find is as follows:

1. If your home page is set to Dashboards click on home and you'll see the Advanced Find button

2. If your homepage is a grid (that has Advanced Find available) then simply click on the Home button and then click on the ellipsis button (three dots) to locate Advanced Find.

3. If all else fails, click on Microsoft Dynamics CRM -> Sales and then navigate to Dashboards. Here you will find a link to advanced find.

Can't believe I just wrote this post. Microsoft, will you please make the Advanced Find available on all screens again!

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